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A Piece of Classic Americana 

Since their first appearance over 100 years ago, the Adirondack chair has become synonymous with outdoor relaxation in style. Not all Adirondack chairs, however, are created equal. There are Adirondack chairs, and then there are Armstrong’s Adirondack chairs.  Treat your family and guests to the comfort and beauty of hand-crafted outdoor furniture at its finest.

Superior Design

In setting out to create the ultimate Adirondack chair, I knew I wanted to combine perfect proportions, with solid outdoor comfort.  The ratios of the chair needed to convey a sense of visual balance and, as a person who enjoys comfort; I knew it had to feel good to sit in.  These high standards and attention to detail guided me as I created and modified several prototypes.  The result was a chair with an excellent blend of comfort and aesthetic appeal.   At almost 24’’ across the seat, my chairs are roomier than most and feature a fanned back, contoured to cradle and support the natural curve of your body.   Reclined at the optimal angle for relaxation, my chairs keep you upright enough to enjoy effortless conversation while still giving you the ability to sit down and get up with ease.  Wide armrests provide a place to put your favorite snack or drink.  Buy Armstrong’s Adirondacks and enjoy the rugged elegance of this precise combination of function and style. 

Quality Craftsmanship

We all know that you get what you pay for. With Armstrong’s Adirondacks, you get original, hand-crafted furniture, carefully constructed to ensure the highest quality.  I handle each part of the chairs from the initial cut to the final sand.  Edges are routed and all sides sanded smooth to the touch.  My use of templates, assembly jigs and pre-drilled holes ensure product uniformity. 

Premium Materials – Built to Last

These chairs are built from hand-selected cedar, a naturally rot resistant wood.  For centuries cedar has been used in outdoor applications for its ability to resist damage from the elements.  All furniture is assembled with lifetime exterior screws, specially coated for cedar applications.  You will be enjoying your chairs for years to come.

Why Buy Armstrong’s Adirondacks?

Armstrong's Adirondacks are not the least expensive chars you’ll find, but I don’t cut corners with quality.  I am confident that you will be satisfied with your purchase.  When you buy an Armstrong’s Adirondack chair, you are making a long term investment that your family and friends will appreciate each time they sit down.